Men’s events at Llansôr Mill

join us for men’s events at Llansôr Mill, tucked away in South Monmouthshire, half way between Bristol and Cardiff

Enjoy the company of men who set out to be ‘awake’, who don’t ‘fix’, who listen acutely, who speak their own truth and don’t expect others to agree. Take the risk and enjoy some quality time in the company of lively, wise men.

A good proportion of the men who join us for men’s events at Llansôr Mill, have participated in the Men’s Rites of Passage originally developed by Richard Rohr OFM [and one of our Patrons!] and now carried forward in the UK by Male Journey. [See ]

We aim to embody Male Journey’s objectives as far as we can, and in summary:

We welcome all men without regard to age, ethnicity, background, sexual orientation, status, or creed. We aim to be inclusive. We support men of all faiths, and none.

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How Llansôr men’s events are structured

We hold three events for men each year, one per school term. In 2017, there are two weekend events, and one longer [invitation only] three-night event.

The two open weekend events gather on Friday evening with the chance to catch up with one another.   Saturday offers a mix of active listening, shared silence, drumming, teaching input and simple, heart-based rituals linked to the theme. And time outdoors.   Usually, we enjoy watching a theme-based film in the early evening, and later enjoy time round a bonfire. The Sunday morning content varies, dependent on the nature of the weekend.

Most men aim to stay for either or both of Friday and Saturday nights, but if you are ‘time poor’ its possible just to attend for the day on Saturday.

For all events, you can camp or stay in the Bunkhouse, Mill,   Cottage or Poustinia. All the beds are comfy!

Dates for 2017:

Fri-Sun March 10-12 My father, my brother, my son  

Fri-Sun Sept 15-17 Living in Friendship 

Monthly evening gathering

We also have a monthly evening gathering. First Thursday of each month, 7.00-9.30. We gather, drum, share food cooked on the fire, share silence, and engage in active listening to one another. Just listening, no fixing. Always a powerful, valuable time spent together.

Join us if you can. email for more information.