Friends of Llansôr Mill

The trustee group of Llansôr Mill invite you to become a Friend. Many of our guests and volunteers are already Friends, opting to help one another to build our community of shared interest.

There are lots of ways in which different people  join together to form the community of shared interest centred on what happens here. Many contribute by their attendance at events; others, by volunteering with the practical and administrative tasks that need doing; others again, through their prayer in different forms. Yet others have expressed a wish to offer financial support to what’s happening here. All are greatly valued.
If you feel you’d like to support the contemplative work of Llansôr Mill financially, that would be wonderful: either a one-off sum, or a regular offering. Contributions enable the work at the Mill by supporting administration and overhead costs, offering free / subsidised events, improving the infrastructure, and so on.
If you click on the link below, this will take you to the necessary paperwork. Please print it, fill it in,  and send it to us. Some Friends offer £10 a year; others, substantially more. It goes without saying that all contributions are equally valued: person by person, together we are building community.
You can also use the form to sign up for Git Aid. Because all payments to us are voluntary donations, we can reclaim tax on all donations you make, including donations made in recognition of attending events. This increases our income by 20%; and you only have to sign the form once!
To go to the paperwork click  Llansor Mill Trust standing order&giftaid 2018