About us

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Llansôr Mill offers a focus for an emerging community of people, some living locally in South East Wales, others throughout Britain. Events held here offer the opportunity to explore and experience together, what the ‘spiritual journey’ is about.

Many of us would identify ourselves as Christian, though from widely differing church backgrounds, and with differing levels of involvement in institutional Christianity. Others have different faith backgrounds; and others again don’t have a faith background at all, and aren’t sure if they want one!


What unites us is not a shared set of beliefs but rather, the spirit in which we approach the mystery of life. Central to this is a commitment to the struggle to be tolerant of difference: to celebrate diversity of belief rather than to become divisive!


Individuals, the culture we create, and the finite natural resources which sustain us, are considered precious and infinitely fascinating, to be cherished and treated with care. So simplicity is important to us: we struggle to keep things simple, both in terms of lifestyle, and also by searching for simple ways to express the ideas that excite us. ‘The  central job for Christians is to cast out fear; the rest is commentary’, someone said recently. That’s the kind of thing…


Less is often more. Failure can teach you more than success. Giving is the fullest way of receiving. Not knowing is sometimes more valuable than knowing. In silence you can hear most…  Profound truth often takes the form of paradox, encompassing apparent contradictions, simplicity and complexity at the same time. Ideas that are contradictory at surface levels, can be seen as subservient to insights at a deeper one.

Woven together, inclusivity and simplicity cast out fear. The paradox is that we find ourselves using words to describe ways of being human that are ultimately, beyond words. And so silence serves us well…

Getting to Llansôr Mill

Llansôr Mill is both remarkably well-connected to excellent road and rail networks, and also remarkably tucked away.

We’re located just off the old main road that runs north-south, connecting Caerleon to Usk, in Wales.

Our postal address is: Llansôr Mill, Tre-herbert Road, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1LS

Contact Numbers: 01633 450638 /  07816 847386

Here is a pdf page of instructions on how to get here and local map:

Directions and map for Llansôr Mill

Llansor Mill also has a ‘pin’ on Google Maps which will bring you directly to the car park!